Fund Founder


John McCready, a Spring Arbor College graduate, is the grandson of John Wesley and Jennie (Hamilton) Haley and the son of Burton and Dorothy (Haley) McCready.  Like his other three siblings (Roger, Marlene Joy and Robert), John was born in Burundi.  He lived in Burundi for most of the first ten years of his life.  Later, John studied community development and social policy at the University of Toronto.  He has worked in community development for more than 30 years.  In the past 15 years, his work has included working with Aboriginal and ethno-cultural groups and communities.


After a fifty-year absence, John visited Burundi in 2007.  During one of many conversations with the Rector of Hope Africa University, Bishop Elie Buconyori identified his vision and priorities for the University.  One of the priorities was the creation of a fund to assist Hope Africa University to provide much needed financial support for special projects that students, graduates and other close associates might undertake to use their acquired training and skills in reaching out and developing the indigenous people.  In considering what John McCready could do for Hope Africa University, the development of such a fund in memory of his grandparents and parents seemed like a very important way of responding to an  indigenous need, keeping the memory of his family members alive and, more importantly, keeping the legacy of outreach and development alive in a contemporary fashion.