Implementing Three New Development Projects

Earlier this year, the African Governing Committee Haley McCready Outreach and Development Fund selected and recommended three new development projects for funding.  Accordingly, the North American Governing Committee approved the distribution of funding through the Students Grant Program.

  • Development of Vegetable Culture for the Self-Financing of IAP Twubake 
  • Farming Rice in Gihanga Commune 
  • Improving Food Security through Chickens at Karurama 

This newsletter provides a brief update on the implementation of the three new development projects.

Development of Vegetable Culture for the Self-Financing of IAP Twubake, Anicet Nyandwi

This project uses a participatory, self-help approach to organize and train 10 poor widows and 7 poor orphans in the cultivation and sale of vegetables and, thereby, create ongoing jobs, income and an association. 

The implementation of the project is coming along very well.  Gardening equipment and seeds have been purchased.  The demonstration garden is being prepared and planted.  Small trees are coming along nicely; the trees will protect the land from erosion and provide firewood later.

Preparing soil for Vegetables
Trees: Halt Erosion and Firewood

Farming Rice in Gihanga Commune, Ezechiel Manirakiza

This project will provide training, employment and much-needed income for 16 jobless, hungry, poor people through the cultivation and sale of rice and, thereby, improve the quality of life of the target group members and the project manager. Two fields have been rented to grow rice. 

At the time of the field visit, one of the fields had been prepared and the planting had been completed.  The project manager secured the services of a local association of women to prepare and plant the rice.  The rice in the first field is growing nicely and promises to produce a good source of income.  Now the second field will be planted.

Project Manager and Rice Field

Improving Food Security through Chickens at Karurama, Fidèle Niyoyita

This project will train, employ, produce income, produce organic fertilizer and improve nutrition for 10 poor and displaced people, 8 widows and 2 orphans, by raising chickens, producing eggs, selling eggs, selling chickens, distributing fertilizer and generating other income producing activities such as basket making, soap making and vegetable cultivating. 
At the time of the last field visit, there were 114 chickens.  These young, female chickens will mature into egg-laying chickens and the eggs will be sold to produce income to support other project activities.  In addition, another 50 male chicks have been purchased to produce meat.  The eight widows have begun to plant maize (corn) in a 30 by 120 meter field.
Thoughtful, curious chickens