Newsletter: Project Reports and Project Proposals

First Year of Development Action

In May of 2011, the Student Grants Program of the Haley McCready Outreach and Development Fund provided grants for its first two development projects: Pig Farming at Muyebe and Tailoring for Women at Nyanza-lac. The Haley McCready Outreach and Development Fund is the first fund of its type in Burundi; it the first fund to provide financial support directly to students in order for them to implement their own development ideas and projects. We recently received the First Year Reports from both projects. Although the grant money has been used, both projects hope to continue into the future.

Pig Farming at Muyebe, Project Managers: Eddyne Irankunda and Evelyne Kanyana

Eddyne Irankunda and Evelyne Kanyana are recent graduates of the Social Work program of Hope Africa University and were unemployed when they submitted their project proposal. Their project was designed to benefit the project managers and improve the lives of some of the local people at Muyebe.

In May of 2011, the project built covered pig pens and bought three pigs; one male and two females. In October, one of the female pigs had six piglets. Soon after the piglets were born, the project met one of its major social aims by giving away five piglets to five needy families; one piglet for each of five poor families at Muyebe.

The project has been successful in meeting its objectives. Beyond providing benefits for the two project managers, the project has provided work for people building the pig pens and longer term work for two people who looked after the pigs. Accordingly, the project has created some jobs, provided some income, produced some piglets, produced some fertilizer, distributed some piglets and sold some fertilizer.

Although almost all of the grant money has been used, the project will continue into the future. When the First Year report was submitted, the two female pigs were pregnant and the project was expecting about 14 new piglets. The project managers plan to invest some of their own money to cover the costs of caring for the pigs. The male pig will be sold to produce some money to continue feeding the pigs. The project managers plan to keep two of the piglets, sell about nine of the piglets and place a piglet with each of three local families and share in the next generation of piglets.

Personal Development

Eddyne reports that the project has given her practical experience in pig farming. Through the project, she has been able to practice what she learned in class. She now knows more about working with the community. Eddyne believes the grant has provided her with valuable knowledge of project implementation and project management.

Evelyne reports that the project has helped her realize that she is able to develop and implement projects. She has a sense of satisfaction from helping others improve their lives. She has increased her capacity to work with others. Evelyne hopes the project continues long into the future.

Tailoring for Women at Nyanza-lac, Project Manager Christine Kamirameya

Christine Kamirameya is a recent graduate of Hope Africa University and was actively working on a voluntary basis with women of Nyanza-lac at the time of submitting her proposal. The project was designed to support the project manager to empower 25 needy women of the Nyanza-lac with new skills and, thereby, improve their lives.

The project bought three sewing machines, cloth, needles, thread, lubricant, other accessories and some furniture, including tables, chairs and two big boxes for materials. The project rented a house and employed four of the women to sew on a fulltime basis. The project produced and sold short trousers, shirts and robes for primary students and skirts for younger women.

The project experienced some complications and it was decided to move the project closer to the capital city, Bujumbura, where the project manager lives and works. By moving the project, the project manager could more easily and more actively manage the project and oversee the project operations.

The project manager has developed a plan for renewal and the project will continue into the future in the new location on a more voluntary basis and a smaller scale. The sewing machines represent an important asset that will continue to be useful for skills development and clothes production long into the future. The project will continue train needy women to sew and produce and sell produce products.

Personal Development

Christine reports that her project has given her a chance to serve people. She has learned about the value of hard work and interaction with people. She has become more familiar with the extensive responsibilities and problems of needy women in Burundi. By experiencing some disappointments, Christine believes she has learned to be patient, work hard and consider details and, thereby, be more effective in the future.

Results of the Second Call for Proposals

In response to our second Call for Proposals, we received 22 project proposals. In the very near future, the Haley McCready Outreach and Development Fund will announce the results of the second Call for Proposals for the Student Grants Program. The African Governing Committee has almost completed an extended process of reviewing, selecting and recommending projects for funding.