Newsletter: Back to Burundi

I will be returning to Burundi for three weeks in January of 2011.  I will be teaching the Community Needs Assessment course again at Hope Africa University in Bujumbura.  The course was added to the catalogue with the agreement that I would continue to support it.  I am looking forward to teaching the students during the concentrated, three-week term.

An Announcement for a Call for Proposals for the Student Generated Project Grants Program of the Haley McCready Outreach and Development Fund has been posted at Hope Africa University (see the Call for Proposals on the Student Project Grants page of this website) .  We hope to provide financial support for two students who propose an innovative, outreach and development project that makes use of the university training.  The funding for the Student Generated Project Grants Program will represent the launch of the Haley McCready Outreach and Development Fund; an idea originally presented by the Rector of Hope Africa University, Bishop Elie Buconyori, during my first visit back to Burundi in 2007.

During my visit in January of this year, I was able to attend a graduation at Hope Africa University.  The graduation was an exciting event with just the right amount of pomp and circumstance.  The photograph in the newsletter below was taken on the day of the graduation. 

Likewise, I was able to attend a Sunday service at Muyebe in the church that my grandfather helped build at the first Free Methodist Church mission station established by my grandfather; John Wesley Haley, the first Free Methodist Church missionary to Burundi.

Barb Rose, another Visiting Professor, took some video of the graduation and church service and I showed the videos to a very good friend of mine; Bill Andersen who makes this website possible.  He asked about posting some of the video on YouTube.  Just for fun, please have a look at the video, enjoy the drumming and dancing and see if you can find yours truly behind the girls dancing during the church service (see